X-ray Crystal Analyzers

We can supply any orientation of silicon and germanium analyzers to our valuable customers. The majority is spherically bent crystals in size of 4″(100 mm) diameter, and standard bent radius covering 1 m and 2 m, respectively.

(NEW) We currently successfully developed analyzers with 4″ diameter and bent radius of 0.5m, 0.85m, 1m, and 2m in strips  within one silicon or germanium crystal wafer, which are proved to have better energy resolution by scale 4 without losing any efficiency comparing to original bent crystals (click for some crystal test results). Meanwhile, the quality of old   strip-bent  crystal with radius of 0.182m is also dramatically improved with the new technology.

The traditional spherically curved “Diced-flat” crystal (each pixel is flat) is also dramatically improved with the help of our new crystal bonding technology, which can give best quality of analyzers with totally distortion free and  strain effect free. This kind of crystals is best suitable in both resonance and no-resonance inelastic x-ray scattering applications with pixel detectors.  

High quality cylindrical shape crystals are also manufactured in our category, both in bent shape and diced-flat shape which is suitable for high energy resolution Von Hamos spectrometers. The cylindrically bent radius can go down to 100 mm, or even shorter as required.

In order to solve low Bragg angle aberration problem in Johann type crystals, we also developed Johansson type crystals, which can give better performance in low Bragg angles.

Gallery of our some spherical and cylindrical crystal analyzers: