At XRS TECH LLC., we provide x-ray crystal analyzers to our customers with exceptional quality, consistent and competitive pricing with expected services.

Our spherically bent crystal analyzers used for high efficiency and high energy resolution x-ray emission spectroscopy, inelastic x-ray scattering applications and also x-ray absorption spectroscopy, are made from new advanced bonding technology, which gives crystal analyzers with great quality. Cylindrical bent crystal analyzers are also developed in same technology, as well as high energy resolution flat-diced cylindrical analyzers.

Newly developed strip-bent crystals can reach better energy resolution than traditional bent crystals by scale 4, similar as our early bent-diced crystals’ performance, while still keeping high efficiency as the traditional ones. The another great thing is that the strip-bent crystals can be made to almost any bent radius, such as R=500mm with 100mm diameter size (check in details).

Johansson type spherically strip-bent crystal is also successfully developed.

Our crystal analyzers are already widely used in x-ray spectrometers in APS, SSRL, LCLS, LBNL, CHESS, NSLS,  DESY, ESRF, PSI, SOLEIL, Diamond Light Source, Spring-8, SSRF and PLS.