X-ray Bent Crystals

 At XRS TECH LLC., we provide x-ray crystal analyzers to our customers with exceptional quality, consistent and competitive pricing with excellent services.

Our spherically bent crystal analyzers used for high efficiency and high energy resolution x-ray emission spectroscopy, inelastic x-ray scattering applications and also x-ray absorption spectroscopy, are made from new advanced bonding technology, which gives crystal analyzers with great quality. Cylindrical bent crystal analyzers are also developed in same technology.

Combined with our bonding, fine dicing and "Xactive" technologies, we can improve bent crystal analyzers in energy resolution and symmetric Lorentzian profile of rocking curve, which makes all diced pixels bent to improve energy resolution by scale 4 comparing to traditional bent analyzers at any Bragg angles  (click for more information).

Recently, with the help of Dr. Diego Casa and Dr. Ayman Said from the X-ray Science Division of APS, we vastly improved the quality of our spherically curved diced-flat crystal, where each pixel is flat. We successfully developed  analyzers with resolutions in the range of 10-20 meV for IXS applications . Here is a test report for a 100 mm diameter and 2 m radius spherical analyzer, recently characterized by Dr. Kenji Ishii from Spring-8 (click for report).

Our crystal analyzers are already widely used in x-ray spectrometers in APS, SSRL, LCLS, LBNL, CHESS, NSLS,  DESY, ESRF, PSI, SOLEIL, Diamond Light Source, Spring-8, Pohang Accelerator Laboratory in South Korea,and SSRF in China.

 Diced-bent Si (111) Crystal Analyzer

  Diced-flat Si(111) Crystal Analyzer

Si (111) Crystal Analyzer

Ge (331) Crystal Analyzer
Si (111) Cylindrical Crystal Analyzer